Frequently Asked Questions

#1 Can you help me set up a Facebook Pixel?

Yes. we can take care of 100% of the set up of your Facebook ad campaigns, including your pixel, making sure it's firing up properly.

#2 Do I need a landing page set up?

Possibly! We can take care of that. You can also work within the scope of Facebook lead forms, which can work well in certain campaigns.

#3 Can you get me FAST money-making results?

The best way to approach social media marketing is with careful planning and strategy. 

Having tested hundreds of campaigns - I know how important it is to set clear expectations and goals to achieve the right results.

Getting your campaigns set up CORRECTLY from the beginning and testing creatives, custom audiences and tracking events, is KEY to your success.


What is a Power Hour?

  • The power hour is your chance to work with me directly 1:1 over Skype or Google Hangout.
  • Together we can look at your current campaigns and evaluate their performance, identifying areas that can be improved so that you can see a better return on your investment (ROI).
  • We can look at your overall social media strategy and discuss your objectives, customer personas and target audiences as well as their behaviours.
  • Even if you’ve NEVER set up a campaign before – we can go through the process step by step so you feel confident and inspired to take your ads forward in the right direction!
  • Stuck for inspiration? We can generate ideas for creative assets and sales copy and discuss ideas for effective landing pages (that convert).